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Superintendent’s Corner”
October 20, 2014

I am pleased to announce that the first annual District “Tag Sale” that was held on Saturday, October 18th was a success. For the past two months, donations were received from extremely generous families from Westchester County and Long Island. As a result the “Tag Sale” featured clothing, jewelry, furniture, Christmas decorations, flatware and glassware. Through the efforts of Clark Academy student, Alexandra Sanchez, the “Tag Sale” raised over $600. These funds will be used by the Clark Academy Senior class for the 2015 prom and the basketball program.

The “Tag Sale” offered me an opportunity to mentor Alexandra. Throughout the last two months she has demonstrated a good deal of growth related to Career Development and Occupation Skills (CDOS). These skills learned and refined on both the campus and in the community include organizing, scheduling, inventorying, budgeting, time management and customer service. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with Alexandra and observe her growth over a short period of time.

Additionally, under the guidance of Mr. Gaines, potential members of the basketball program also contributed to the “Tag Sale”. These students were responsible for closing the “Tag Sale.” They skillfully packed and stored all unsold items that will be used at the second annual “Tag Sale.” The students were also responsible for cleaning the main area of the “Old Gym”, which was done with great care and skill.

In sum, I am extremely pleased with the efforts of this group of students and the results were uplifting. Please click below to view several pictures of the “Tag Sale” that capture the enthusiasm of our students. I look forward to the next CDOS event.

"Pictures from the Tag Sale on oct 18th"



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Dr. Edward Placke
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