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To All Kaplan Career Academy Families:

Happy Black History Month!!!

We hope that this message finds your family in good health and spirits.

Black History Month at Kaplan Academy will be enriched with projects, activities, and celebrations of African American history.  We will present a different significant African American individual each day during our morning announcements.  Our PBIS students of the week/month read these brief but informative and impressive anecdotes for the entire building to hear.  In addition, we will be highlighting African American contributors to each content area:
English- African American Authors
Math/Science/Technology- African American contributors to the world of Math/Science/Technology.
Social Studies- Reviews of the importance of the individuals’ actions, endurance, and legislation that has been vital in closing the then huge gap in equality as well as the importance of social awareness to combat current social issues regarding equality.

In our academic news, our district and building staff members have been putting forth great effort into planning our CDOS and SACC pathways.  We have solidified internships and secured job training opportunities.  These credentials are instrumental in the preparation for the transition of our students as they leave school to college, post-secondary career/vocational training, and/or the work-force.  Please contact us if there are any questions regarding these credentials.  Also, we are proud to announce that we have identified our Kaplan Academy second marking period honor roll achievers. In order to make the honor roll, a student has to reach a minimum of an 85 average. In order to make the high honor roll, a student has to reach a minimum of a 92 average. We had six students achieve the honor roll and we had three students achieve the high honor roll. The honor roll achievers will have their names posted on our honor roll bulletin board in the school. Congratulations to our Kaplan student scholars on your achievement. We are all proud of your hard work and effort in your academics!

In our PBIS news, our Kaplan Academy students of the week/month continue to put effort forth in remaining upstanding school citizens as well as avid academics.  This is evidenced by their ability to continue to gain daily points in each of their classes and use those points to shop in our school point store.  Our PBIS team continues to work diligently at strengthening the system.  Thank you to our PBIS team and students involved in achieving!!!

In our extracurricular news, the Kaplan Career Academy basketball team is practicing and if the weather will cooperate, hopes to take our 0-1 record on the road for an opportunity to return to .500. Thanks to coach Fasolino and Mr. Cooper for following up with agency staff, instructional staff, and parents to ensure that our students are held accountable and in turn have earned the opportunity to participate.

Looking ahead to the third marking period, we urge all families to pay attention to the following dates:

February 17-21- Mid-Winter break
March 13- Open School Night
April 1-3- NYS Grade 7 & 8 ELA Assessments

***As a reminder, we have officially used 4 out of 5 of our snow days.  Kaplan Career Academy follows the inclement weather delays and closings of the Newburgh Enlarged City School District because our school is located within the Newburgh District’s territory.  If we utilize more than our 5 allotted snow days, we will begin to give back days from the Spring Break scheduled in April…***

Once again, we thank you for your continued support and entrusting us with the education of your children. We are encouraged by our growth as evidence of that. We will continue to do everything in our power to continue to expand our program to open up new opportunities for our students.

Best wishes in 2014!!!


Jason Gerard
Kaplan Career Academy

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