Kaplan Career Academy

Welcome to Kaplan Career Academy

623 Blooming Grove Tpke New Windsor NY, 12553

Welcome to Kaplan Career Academy

Kaplan Career Academy is one of the four academies under the Greenburgh North Castle UFSD umbrella and we are proud of it!   This year we have seen our census grow from 70 students to over 90, and we plan on hitting the century mark very soon.   Of course with such growth comes challenges.  We have embraced these challenges by adding staff, rethinking how we utilize space and adapting programs to the meet the changing needs of our students.   We are proud to announce that students will be receiving new schedules this week and that we will be including an Advisory/Homeroom period which will allow us to focus on the whole child, an approach that is proven to benefit students.  With the Advisory/Homeroom period we will be able to focus on thematic activities on a school-wide basis and to incorporate a character education component to help teach students the “values” that are needed to be college and career ready.  
It is an exciting time at Kaplan as we have begun to transform our school.   We have added an Alternate Learning Center for students who struggle and have added several Academic Intervention Classes to help students “catch up.”  Under the leadership of Ms. Martinez we will begin a “Reading Buddies” program which will see several of our students give back to our community by reading to nursery school students at a local day care facility.  This is very exciting as we begin to build relationships off grounds with our neighbors and teach our students the life and career skills needed to be successful.
Ms. Phillips has been instrumental in getting “Hop Sports” off the ground and in just a couple of days has transformed an old locker room into  the “Hop Spot” where our students can engage in state of the art fitness activities.  Ms. Phillips and other Physical Education teachers in our District have been undergoing intense professional development and it is paying off!
Several of our students and teachers went to see Selma at a local theater and they were touched by the film.  We have seen many take great pride in Black History Month and we have several contests, lessons and even an assembly planned this month.  Understanding “Black History”, and the struggles & triumphs of life are important to gaining an understanding of where you are going.   We are proud to be able to help our students gain such direction. 
Mr. Cooper and Mr. Evans took a small group all the way to the Museum of Natural History in New York City.   Not only did they manage to give the students a great experience, but they got them back with three minutes to spare before bus dismissal, and with the weather lately that was pretty impressive. 
Keep an eye out for those second quarter report cards, they should be in the mail and take note that the spring open school night is scheduled for MARCH 19, 2015.  Keep that date open and please call if you need to make alternate arrangements.  Remember our number is (845) 522 – 8460.
We would like to thank each of you who have taken the time to call, email or even visit.  Your continued participation in your child’s education is needed.   Here at Kaplan we value the partnership between family and school, and understand that without that collaboration we are fighting an up-hill battle, so thank you for your involvement!  It is never easy to raise or educate a child, but together we can find the strength to succeed!
             Remember, KAPLAN PRIDE,
                                                                                                            Tony DiMarco – Principal

                                                                                                            John Marino – Asst. Principal