IT Department
Network Administrator
Randy Garcia

Common Issues and Fixes:

“There are currently no logon servers available…”
This error message occurs when there is no internet connection to the computer.  For Desktops, check the Ethernet cable connection on the back of the laptop, and any other connection the cable makes.  Often, a loose cable just needs to be plugged back in.

“My Smartboard isn’t showing my desktop”
This can happen when the display settings are changed, often by a Microsoft Update.  On your desktop screen, right click and select the settings listed in the picture below.

“The touchscreen isn’t working.”
The touchscreen is powered by a USB cable with a standard USB on one end, and a square-like USB-A connector on the other.  The USB-A end goes into a port on the bottom of the smart board, and the USB end goes into the back of the computer.  When connected properly, the little white Promethean icon on the bottom right of your screen should no longer have a red X in it.

“My email hasn’t updated”
Your password has expired.  If you don’t fully log off the computer, but rather lock the screen you can continue to get onto the computer with an expired password but your email will stop working.  To fix, close all email applications, press CTRL+ALT+DEL and select “Change a password”.  Follow the prompts and create a new password.  When done, re-open email applications and all current emails should now sync.

Please ensure that all power cables are plugged in, all power strips are plugged in and switched on, that all monitor cables are firmly connected.  In many cases, it is a simple loose cable that causes the issue.

When set, Passwords are valid for 60 calendar days.  They must be reset before the 60 days has been reached.  It is the employee's responsibility to keep track of their passwords and when they expire.

If you have followed these troubleshooting steps and are still having an issue, please visit the service desk portal (Link Below) and submit a request.  (Your username and password are the same as your computer login.)

HelpDesk Portal

Phishing Awareness Presentation:
Please print out a certificate upon completion of the presentation to keep for your records and email a copy to the CIO.