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 Edward Placke, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools
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  It is hard to believe that the May flowers are just around the corner and the end of another school year is in sight. I am pleased to report on the five initiatives I described in the fall District Update – Parent Newsletter.

 The first initiative is to expand technology in each of our classrooms across the four Academies. As was initially reported, technology plays an important role in delivering curriculum to our students. Each classroom in all Academies now has either an “ActivBoard” or “SmartBoard”. This technology enables teachers to download educational films, pictures, charts/graphs, articles etc. I have observed in a large number of classes and teachers are becoming more comfortable with this technology and will increase their use to meet the needs of your child. By August, the connectivity at each Academy will be significantly increased to facilitate better use of the technologies.

 The second initiative is to improve our ability to assess your child’s needs and strengths in reading and mathematics. Each of the Academies are now using i-Ready, an online assessment tool, to assess your child. The information gained from i-Ready has been increasingly helpful in not only identifying your child’s strengths and needs in reading and mathematics but enabling teachers to better plan instruction.  

 The third initiative is to upgrade the District curriculum in each Academy. As was described in the fall edition, “Boardworks” an online curriculum aligned with the Common Core is available for most classes. Teachers are beginning to use this online resource as either the primary curriculum or as a supplement. An online library will soon be available in each Academy.

 The fourth initiative is to improve the communication between the Academies and families. The following have been achieved to address this matter:

            -       Creation of a Parent Teacher Organization at REACH Academy

-       Redesign of the District website which will be launched in June

-       The phone notification system has been upgraded

-       The two “Open Houses” took place

 The fifth and final initiative is to better prepare your child for the "world of work"; and earn the Career Development and Occupational Skills (CDOS) Credential. Students may earn the CDOS by volunteering, coursework, internships, job shadowing and employment. As was described in the Fall Newsletter, the Andrus on Hudson Transition Program located at the Andrus Nursing Home in Hastings is now in full operation. Students from Kenneth Clark Academy, REACH Academy and Greenburgh Academy are actively enrolled in a number of internships and also receive academic instruction. The Andrus Nursing Home administration and staff have supported and embraced our students. To date, District students have volunteered over 3,000 hours at the Andrus Nursing Home. Our students are making a difference in the lives of a number of senior citizens.

 A great deal of progress has been made in the implementation of the CDOS curriculum. Mr. Pizzutello, principal at REACH Academy and his staff are leading this effort. This key activity, which features five classes, has been implemented at REACH Academy and Kenneth. B. Clark Academy. Greenburgh Academy and Kaplan Career Academy will implement this curriculum in the fall.


 I am pleased to report the combined Hastings-on-Hudson High School District and Greenburgh-North Castle UFSD varsity football team was a success this fall. Students from both school districts worked well together and six of our students significantly contributed to the team. It is anticipated at least ten District students will participate this fall. Once the schedule is available I will forward you a copy so you can come out and support the team!

 The "Knights", our District varsity basketball team, had its most successful season in history by participating in the New York State championship in Glen Falls, New York. The Knights were one of twenty teams to compete for a championship and finished 3rd/4th in the State at the Class D level. The team outperformed all expectations and look forward to another productive season this winter. It truly was a magical season that will be etched in our memories forever. A special thank you to coaches Gaines, Federice, Fava and Marcellus for a job well done.

 The District girls’ volleyball team, coached by Ms. Muscat, participated in Section 1 competition and made progress on and off the court. This group of young women have an immense amount of potential and I look forward to a promising season next fall.

 The Kenneth Clark Academy Bowling team enjoyed another terrific season. The students learned a great deal about both bowling and life skills. Ms. Buttinelli and Ms. Pinto once again provided the team with not only skill instruction but continual encouragement and guidance. The Greenburgh Academy bowling team will begin its season this month and an update will be provided in the summer edition.



 As has been reported in prior editions of the Parent Newsletter, Greenburgh North Castle Union Free School District was awarded approximately $1.4 million dollars by the state to renovate Kenneth B. Clark Academy. After several years, construction has begun. The drainage issue by the gymnasium has been corrected and the final step is the installation of an awning over the entrance which will be completed this summer. The gutters will also be replaced. The air conditioning/heating units are gradually being installed and completion of this part of the project is estimated to be July. The final part of the project is to cover the existing external walls of the Academy to protect it from the elements. This should be completed by the fall. Progress has been slow but I am optimistic now that construction is underway the project will be completed by the fall.

Board of Education

 I am pleased to report that the Board of Education will be appointing two new members at the April 27th meeting. The new members are Ms. Francis Lightsy, who is a former teacher and administrator at the Mount Vernon City School District and Dr. George Cancro, also a retired teacher and administrator from Pleasantville Central School District. Both Ms. Lightsy and Dr. Cancro are highly accomplished educators and strong advocates for students with disabilities. I look forward to working with both new board members to ensure our students receive an education that enables them to successfully cross over the “Bridge to Adulthood”. 

Administrative Contacts

Edward Placke, Superintendent of Schools (914) 693-4309
Bill Federice, Asst. Superintendent (914) 231-8624
Denise Rivera, Chief Information Officer (914) 231-8638
Robin Levine, Director of Pupil Services (914) 693-3030 ext.2232
Jennifer Herrera, Secretary to Supt./District Clerk (914) 231-8627
Veronica Howell, Greenburgh Academy Principal (914) 476-1938
David Gualtiere, Greenburgh Academy Assistant Principal (914) 476-1938
Jay Posephney, Clark Academy Principal (914) 798-7200
Anthony Anderson, Clark Academy Dean of Students (914) 798-7200
Paul Pizzutello, REACH Academy Principal (914) 686-8159
Anthony DiMarco, Kaplan Career Academy Principal (845) 522-8460
John Marino, Kaplan Career Academy Assistant Principal (845) 522-8460