Professional Links/ Resources

Academic Career Resource Guide:
Collection of resources for working towards a career in Academia.

Annenberg Learner:
Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum

Becoming a Teacher:
Degree Options and Career Paths

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:
Working to improve high school and post-secondary education in the United States.

CNN Student News:
Commercial free, daily news program designed for middle and high school classes.
Digital resources, tools, and learning materials.

Education World:
An online resource for teachers, administrators, and school staff.

Educational hip-hop songs and videos.

Free Rice:
Practice questions on a variety of subjects which, when answered correctly allow the organization to donate 10 grains of rice per correctly answered question to the World Food Organization.

Grammar Bytes:
Grammar quizzes.

Teacher Math resources. 

Inside Mathematics:

A resource for educators who struggle to provide mathematics instruction for their students.

Free Math Worksheets, signs

Moby Max:
Free K-8 math, language, and reading curriculum.

Free access to primary sources, interactive tools & lesson plans.

New York State Education Department.

Encourages reading, while heightening students’ awareness that their actions make a difference in the lives of others

SERP -Word Generation:
Reading comprehension builder

Special Education Agency:
Office of Special Education 

Teachers Pay Teachers
 An open marketplace where teachers share, sell and buy original educational resources.

Teacher Resources:
Tools and Support for Student Teachers and Professionals
 A nonprofit organization devoted to spreading ideas with short, compelling talks.

The 100 Best Video Sites For Educators: has published a collection of the top one hundred educational video sites.

World Education:
Traveling the Globe as a Teacher